Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Buddha Jayanti Special

[Read in Nepali]

The activity has been a bit more since morning. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Even the phone bought as smart seems to be lazy today because the car did not sound the alarm. Instead of abusing me, I thanked him and looked at the time. It was already 8:30. Ekman thought, "Mobile is really smart," but he didn't bother to say goodbye. He opened the window curtain and looked at it, giving a sweet touch and the sun also signaled "Get up now". As I obeyed, I obeyed his gesture and got up to freshen up. After bathing and washing, I felt the holy land where Lord Buddha was born. There were people all along the way. As usual, people were walking on the deserted roads and the same crowd was in the restaurants. Yes, today was the tenth anniversary of the businessmen here. When I really saw this activity, I was terrified of the birthplace of the Buddha. People were walking around talking about various things. Some had more exposure to the sun, some had less crowds of people, some had more dust on the road and some had more time. Moving forward, there were people of all kinds, young and old. Everyone had a different passion. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. I said to myself, "Those who have taken the responsibility to build our country have the same passion, but unfortunately we Nepalis, where can we find such a leader?" Instead, it was okay to treat them with the taxes paid by the people through hard earned money. Seeing his habit of drowning in fantasies, sometimes he would get angry with himself, but he could not restrain himself. At that moment, he remembered the Buddha's words and moved on, killing his anger. The organization I worked for had a water distribution program today, and without delay, it went straight. Everyone seems to be reaching out. The program had already started. I also joined. Although the weather was cool in the morning, he was a little chaotic in the afternoon. Perhaps the Buddha's message had not reached his ears. Just then a crowd came, that was the water everyone was looking for that summer, gave water to everyone and went inside with "thank you" and "smile". This sequence continued. I was happy to do such a good deed. That round face, matched body and her looking lovely look fell on my eyes. For a moment, he and I looked at each other. Perhaps he was also tormented by the heat. He stood in front of me, smiled lightly and asked, "Drink water." He nodded and I gave him water. He was really thirsty, drinking a whole bottle of water. Frightened like a tired face, she sat in a chair beside him. I was busy giving water to other people. After about 15 minutes, he turned around and stayed there. He smiled too and so did I. I think the easiest and most understood language in the world is to smile. Many things came to my mind because he was sitting there like that. Suddenly he said "Excuse Me" and I turned to him saying "Yes Please". 

He also likes to share water. He said, "If you don't mind, May I help you." She agreed. I was touched by her words and her feelings. While distributing water, he asked me my name. At that moment, her friends came and went to Mayadevi saying, "I'm going, have a good day." When he got a little farther, he finally remembered, "I forgot to ask his name." He abused himself again. Many things were playing in my mind. Her words were ringing in my ears. But I had no means of meeting him again. Depressed, he walked towards the room. After resting for a while, Mayadevi went for a walk in the evening. The decoration there did not touch my heart. The decoration of such a sacred place on the World Heritage List was very dull. It seems that the decoration of today's party palace is better than this. However, I took a few photos on this auspicious occasion. It was hoped that he would be found somewhere. But perhaps she had returned, not to be found. I was also in the evening so I returned to the room. Watch TV for a while but she was out of my mind, I still had no choice and I forgot to meet her as a sweet memory.

About half an hour later, when I opened Facebook, the sound of notifications suddenly flooded my mind. Even so, I rarely receive friend requests. That evening, a new request came to my Facebook. Look, the request is his. Her profile picture adorned in that one piece is as beautiful as the sky that has just rained. Today, I can't describe the love of that Facebook's accept button, I hastily accepted it. But he was not able to speak in the West yet, so he wrote "Thank You" with "Hi" and waited for his reply.

Memories that will never fade, Kushe Aushi

[Note: This is the englsih version of Kush Aushi, Click to read in Nepali ] 
  The tide inside the mind rises. Somehow this mind that has been held is not obeying, no, it is not obeying. The sweetness of that voice is still echoing in these ears like the sound echoing in the hills. It feels as if the same voice is calling to me. I look around for a moment, tremble, look around, look for that face, no, I can't find it anywhere, and every page that says, "If you search, you'll find a god." I like to tear every sheet of writing, I want to break the printing machine and I want to spill the ink. Yes, when you lose a loved one, your mind doesn't believe it, even if you know you won't find it, you are looking for it, every day, every moment there is hope. For a month, my eyes water, and with one hand, I wipe my eyes. When the sky shines, the body of a person gets wet, but when the eyes shine, the whole mind is wet. The wet head is covered in an instant, but the wet mind is not covered. No matter how hard I tried, it was getting cold somewhere. The same cold is always hurting my heart, reminding me. Today I am reaching that past. That moment, where I was happiest, it was warm love, it was a feeling of belonging and it was a never ending love. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me. With that warmth, I never felt lonely, nor did I miss anything. I just had to think that all my desires would be fulfilled like magic. No, I can't describe that love, no matter how depressing the moment, it made me happy even if it was just a shadow. But it has been 13 years since I left her, there is not a single day in these past years when I have fallen in love with her. Still, I am holding my mind and I am compelled to spend the rest of my life with the feeling of being together. Even though I know that I will not return, there is always a faint hope in my mind that when I hear "Son I have come" and I can get rid of all the flow of my heart.